Michal Maya and Ben visit NYC December 18th to January 1st 2015

On the way to NYC

Arriving to JFK NYC

First evening home

Getting Ben train deliver presents

First night in their NYC beds


Going down downstairs to do laundry

Our lobby


Playing pool whiting for laundry


Going shopping at Fairway


Having pizza

Back home

Visiting Rimon and Ella, Maya & Ben with Ori and Yarden

Maya with her best friend Rosalia

Going to New York Hall of Science

Finally Maya getting to go to her favorite Sushi Bar in the neighborhood

Going Ice-skating


Maya Ice-skating accident

Hot Coco after Ice Skating 

Ben and Michal go to Target, Maya and myself going to the children hospital emergency room L

Back home

Maya and Ben taking their yearly physical at their NYC doctor

In Fort Tryon Park to meet Maya's good friends Ruby and Kate

Breakfast in the neighborhood

You can't do without

Going out to see the city at night

Driving Upstate to visit Maya & Ben Backyard

Stopping for breakfast at the kids favorite Diner

Maya and Ben inspecting their new farming equipment



In the cabin by the fire

The backyard

At the neighboring farm

At a nearby airstrip


On the way back home

With new toys

Going to see movie in Ridge Hill

Back home

    Ben and myself going to Fort Tryon Park to fly his plane and mor

Favorite food

Going out

Going Bowling

On the way back home, Maya taking photos

More night out in the city

Maya and Ben visiting the NYFD store




Goodbye diner at Coogan's with Solly

Back home

We are don with the "to do in NYC list"

Leaving for the airport to go back to Israel

Back at home getting your room for the summer