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    Professional Profile


                Self-motivated international entrepreneurial senior executive with extensive operations and projects management experience.                      

                Expert adept at training professionals within highly complicated projects environment.

                Organized and detail-oriented individual who exemplifies professionalism and an ability to spearhead multiple projects,

                while ensuring enterprise sustainability. Demonstrated history of successful team management and projects implementation.

           Devoted public servant with shining leadership qualities and appreciation for team diversity.

           Driven crisis manager accustomed to executive hours and travel demands.

           Skills Summary

♦  Management and Employees Relationship Development       ♦  Prospecting Techniques                    ♦  Business Negotiations
            ♦  Conflict Resolution                                                               ♦  Purchasing / Fiscal Reporting            ♦  Team Collaboration
Budget Management                                                              ♦  Document / Mapping Projects           ♦  Professional Attitude

♦  Logistic Planning and Implementation                                   ♦  Patent and Copyright Holder             ♦  Out of the Box Thinker

       Executive Duties & Responsibilities

       Professional Experience

     Ianna Gold Tech Co., Georgetown, Guyana, South America                                    06/2012 – Present

     COO / General Manager (under InfoTech Solutions Inc.): Focus of responsibility:

     Providing high level consultant project management services to the Mineral Exploration, Mining, Logistic and Infrastructure industries (Authorize representative of Presto GeoWeb©)   

     in CARICOM Member States , Israel and South America.

     For more information go to: Ianna Gold Tech Co.


     Ianna Resources Inc. (a Subsidiary of Intercept Minerals LTD an Australian Public Company), Georgetown, Guyana, South America          06/2011 – 06/2012

     Director / General Manager: Focus of responsibility:

     Ianna Resources is a Mineral Exploration Company with office in Georgetown and a remote

     exploration camp in Ianna in the North West District of Guyana.

     As the company GM I am responsible for all administration, financial,

     logistics and HR aspect of the company.

     Responsible for monthly budget of approximately $350,000.00 USD, with yearly,

     monthly and weekly budget and cash flow reports. I was operating out of the

     Georgetown office including staff off five people and frequent visits to the new remote exploration camp

     accommodating up to 60 employees and sub-contractors.

     Develop company Operation Systems & Procedures for the company GT office and

     the Ianna remote exploration camp, establishing safe and reliable air, land and river logistics system for

     transportation of people and supply from Georgetown to Ianna remote exploration camp.

     For more information go to: Ianna Resources Inc.,, Englewood, NJ                                                                                  08/2009 – 08/2010  

     COO (under ITS): Focus of responsibility:

     Maintain monthly physical contact with clients, making sure they are content.

     Know client IT staff and management.

     Complement CEO’s efforts for timely service delivery to clients.

     Maintain an up-to-date client contact database.

     Monitor client support requests and assist CTO and the team in their response.

     Personally manage client notification when systems are down for any reason.

     Maintain client inventory and blueprints database through annual surveys.

     Coordination & Implementation of all physical installations of Data Centers, Computer Labs, Wiring cabinets,

     IDFs, MDFs, Telephones, Cameras & WiFi Radios

     Introduce new business, identify candidate clients, arrange meetings with client decision makers,

     and provide assistance in bringing to conclusion.

     Provide periodic reports about activities and client issues.

     For more information go to: METCOMM


     InfoTech Solutions Inc. New York, NY                                                                       01/2000 – Present

     Founder, high level consultant project management services.

     Providing services to small and midsize company and individuals.

     Services including: planning, Implementation and maintaining Network Cabling System,

     Servers, Workstations, installation and configuration of software, desk support and training.

     For more information go to: ITS


     NYPD Auxiliary, New York, NY                                                                              08/2002 – Present

     A/Lt. XO.  


     Responsible for aprox. 105 officers’ day-to-day duty and night patrol.

     Responsible for routine training and training of new recruits.     

     For more information go to:



     U.S. Realty Brokerage. New York, NY                                                                   10/2007 – 01/2011

     Founder, Licensed Agent & Listing Manager.

     For more information go to: USRB


     Daily News, New York, NY                                                                                      08/1999 – 11/2008

     Editorial System Administrator.

     Supervise the supporting of approximately 400 Win 2000 workstations including Microsoft Office   

     Package, outlook 2000, Netscape, Unisys Newspaper publication software.

     Supporting approximately 70 remote reporters using laptops and dial up connection,

     troubleshooting network connections and server problems. 


     P.G. Technologies Inc., Boston, MA                                                                          02/1993 - 12/1998

     CEO & VP of IS & R&D

     Direct and manage the development, manufactured and sell of various

     Vehicular Data Acquisition Systems, Including Hardware and Management Software.

     Direct the engineering team of 80 on Hardware and Software design.

     For more information go to: PG Tech Patents


     Best Quality Enterprises, Inc., Miami, FL                                                                         1990 – 1995


     Founder and manager of several med size company such as:  Best Quality Enterprises, Inc

     BQE Federal Memorial and  BQE Fencing.


     Antigua Agri Engineering Services USA, Miami, FL                                                        1989 – 1992

     President and CEO.

     Providing logistic services to agriculture projects all over the Caribbean island.

     Establish business partnership with more than 20 leading US agriculture Products Corporation such as:

     chemicals and fertilizer, seeds, plastic mulch, tractors and fields equipments.

     In charge on the purchasing of all necessity for an agriculture projects,

     taking care of US inbound and outbound logistic of the clients and more.

     To learn more about the company operation go to: Antigua Agri


     Roydan LTD, Antigua, W.I.                                                                                                1983 – 1989

     Agro Mechanical Specialist. 

     In charge on clearing the jungle for the initial building of the project (200 Acers of modern agriculture farm).

     Responsible for all fields technical operation, overseen the construction of the packing house.

     Packing house, shipping and logistic manager. Supervising approximately 150 employees

     Responsibility for the transportation and shipping logistic of approximately 100 tons weekly of

     fresh produce to the US and European market.


     Rosman and Company, Jerusalem, IL                                                                                  1982 – 1983

     Project Manager. 

     Supervise the development of several municipal projects in Judea and Samaria, such as:  the foundation

     (54 residential lots) of Psagot., the construction of new roads, new side walk,

     and retaining Jerusalem stone wall in Ramot, Gilo, Ma’aleh Adomim..

     Supervising teams of 5 professional’s survey engineers, 3 professional license explosive minding bluster

     and a fleet of 2 D-9, 2 955 caterpillars loader, 3 caterpillar escalator and 6 25 tons dump trucks.




     NYPD AUX Police, New York, NY                                                                                        11/13/2009

     Advance Management Training for the rank of Lieutenant


     NYS Real Estate Institute, New York, NY                                                                            04/18/2007

     New York State Real Estate License


     NYPD AUX Police Academy, New York, NY                                                                        06/18/2004

     Management Training for the rank of Sergeant


     Harrington University, New York, NY                                                                                     07/15/2000



     Alphatrain, Newark                                                                                                                 05/21/1999

     MCSE, Networking Essentials, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 Work Station,

     Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows NT 4.0 Server in the Enterprise, TCP/IP, MS Exchange Server.


    Military Service:


     IDF, Israel                                                                                                                    02/1974 – 02/1977

     Platoon Sgt. Major in the Paratroopers.


    Patents and Publications:


     24 items for: Dynamically Programmable Automotive

     Driving Mentoring, Reporting and Alarming devices and systems,

     Including; G P S and Wireless Communication.

     Copy Rights;

     A Date Acquisition System, for cost analysis and improve performance and profitability.

     ROADMASTER Fleet for Windows V 6.2 a Fleet Management software working

     On Windows NT and 2000 Server on network environment.


References and Thank You Letters